Release offers a range of therapeutic groups for women, which are topic based and underpinned with a therapeutic approach.

The benefits of joining a group are that they provide opportunity to:

– Break isolation
– Share experiences and feelings
– Gain information to help overcome difficulties
– Offer mutual support
– Gain new hope for the future

Each of the groups run for 10 weeks, on a weekly- basis. Each of the sessions last for 1 ½ hours and there are spaces for up to 8 women in each group.

Sessions are held in a safe, supportive and confidential environment, in a venue in Brighton.

Sexual Abuse Support Group (Into the Light)

This 10-week course focuses on different aspects of the impact of sexual abuse on us as adults. The group is topic based and information giving, but with plenty of time for sharing experiences.

Topics covered include:
– Impacts on self image and relationships
– Ways out of negative cycles of behaviour
– Ideas for moving forward to gain better relationships
and new hope for the future.

Here is some feedback from some previous group members:

“ Along my 20 year journey of dealing with childhood sexual abuse, this has undoubtedly been the most valuable experience. Nothing else has come close.”

“The course has been brilliant and really helped me to face my issues. It has been lovely to have the support of a group and the facilitators were great.”

“It was good to have a safe space to talk about these issues and hear from other survivors. Both facilitators did an excellent job.”

Thank you so much. I benefited and learnt so much from the course and have taken away a lot of tools.”

"I certainly never thought I would be able to manage being in a group environment talking about such sensitive issues, but the group was so well facilitated and bought together a wonderful group of strong women who were supportive and encouraging of each other and most importantly allowed each other a voice.  I’d like to hope other women get to benefit from such a wonderfully supportive group. Women were at very different stages in their journeys of healing and had both shared and very different experiences too; but the collective support and encouragement found in this group cannot be underestimated.  For me the group made me somehow feel less alone with the things that I struggle with in my head from the past.  I will hold the group experience in my heart and I hope that all will find some strength from the experience at difficult times in the future."

" I am so grateful to be put in contact with so many lovely people!"

The next group will run in Spring 2018 please enquire about dates.

This group is run in partnership with Into the Light, and I am
one of their group facilitators. Into the Light is a London based
not-for-profit project founded in 1993 for people who have
experienced sexual abuse and those that support them.

Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Self-Esteem Group

Are you lacking in confidence in everyday life or the workplace?
Want to try something new? Not sure how to make changes
in your life?

This 10-week group will give women an opportunity to look at issues of self -confidence in-depth through exercises, activities and discussion. The group is topic based and information giving, but with plenty of time for sharing experiences.

Topics covered include:
– Communication
– Positive thinking patterns
– Confidence building
– Handling anger
– Assertiveness techniques

Mummy Shock! A Group for New Mums

This 10-week group is for new mums and their pre-crawling infants.

The group is topic based and information giving, but with plenty of
time for sharing experiences.

The aims of the group are to:

– Increase self-confidence
– Reduce stress
– Strengthen emotional connection to your baby and partner
– Provide a supportive environment in the early transition
to motherhood

Topics covered include:
– Transition to motherhood
– Attachment issues
– Building support networks
– Tips for emotional health & wellbeing

The next group is starting in Spring 2018.