Release offers one-to-one counselling and a range of therapeutic groups to women in Brighton and the surrounding areas, providing opportunity to change how they feel and to live better.

Release is open to all women regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, faith, sexual orientation or disability.


Release Counselling and Therapy for Women is a community counselling project, set up in January 2013, to provide affordable counselling for women in Brighton & Hove, experiencing any mental health distress.

Since our launch in 2013, we have had referrals from over 600 women, and we currently work with approximately 300 individuals each year.


Release Counselling and Therapy for Women was founded and is run by Ellen Baldwin (Chief Executive),  a team of counselling staff, and a board of trustees. We offer placement opportunities to carefully selected trainee counsellors. To find out more, please get in touch.


We have a small counselling team at Release, and all of our counsellors are qualified, fully insured, supervised and work within the BACP (British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists) Ethical Framework.

As a team we have additional specialism in the areas of trauma & sexual violation, couples therapy, maternal mental health, addictions and bereavement & loss.


Release Counselling and Therapy for Women is a Registered Charity (No. 1192772).

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Release Client

Counselling has changed my life and allowed me to see situations in a very different light. In general my friendships and relationships are healthier because of the impact that counselling has had on my life, and I feel much more hopeful for the future.

Release Client

Now the counselling has come to an end, I find that I am in a very different place than when I started...The counselling has been invaluable and I am so grateful to Ellen for helping me reflect on, understand and move forward from past experiences in a way that was always supportive and at a pace that I was able to cope with.

Thank-you – I am certain that my counselling experience will have a positive impact on the next phase of my life.

Release Client

It's been really great working with you. I felt very comfortable...and I felt listened to and supported and when you reflected back to me, you always got it spot on! Thanks for your help.

Release Client

I have found tremendous healing through telling my story. I was supported and listened to beautifully throughout my counselling sessions, and have now begun the wonderful process of coming home to myself. Thank you.

Release Client

Release Counselling has changed my life for the better.

Release Client

There was a very good rapport with my counsellor which helped enormously in establishing a relationship of trust within a fixed amount of time. The counselling sessions progressed in an organic way and I feel blessed by the help received from my counsellor and Release when it was most needed.

Release client

I only have praise for the counselling I have received. My counsellor has given me the tools I need to go forward and build on areas of my life. Whilst they are not all resolved, as many issues are deep rooted, she has given me the basics to build upon myself and a sense of belief and acceptance I have never experienced. I know I can use what I have learnt and go forwards with the next steps I feel I need. I could not be more grateful to my counsellor and the charity for enabling me to have this support. 

Release client

My counsellor was endlessly professional, supportive and motivating. I felt really held and validated in our sessions and our connection made me feel secure in finding my own voice, advocating for myself and identifying my self-destructive patterns as well as my huge strengths.

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