Just Launched!

Hi. I am very excited to be launching my new counselling project in Brighton! Release offers a range of therapeutic groups and 1-2-1 counselling to women in the community. From the New Year, we will be launching three specific groups:

1. A Sexual Abuse Support Group- for survivors of childhood sexual abuse and rape. This group is run in partnership with Into the Light, a London-based not-for-profit group founded in 1993 for those that have experienced sexual abuse and those that support them. www.intothelight.org.uk

2. Boost Your Confidence and Improve your Self-Esteem Group.

3. Mummy Shock! A Group for New Mums.

To find out more about each group, see the Groups tab on the site. I will be posting the dates shortly for the launch of the first groups.

Please feel free to have a read through this site, and do get in touch to find out more!

Thanks- Ellen

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