First 10-week ‘Into the Light’ Group has finished

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Thanks to funding from the Big Lottery Fund, our first 10-week ‘Into the Light’ course for survivors of sexual abuse has just completed.  It has been a tremendous group, and thank you to each of the women who took part. Here is some feedback from the group members:

“ Along my 20 year journey of dealing with childhood sexual abuse, this has undoubtedly been the most valuable experience. Nothing else has come close.”

“The course has been brilliant and really helped me to face my issues. It has been lovely to have the support of a group and the facilitators were great.”

“It was good to have a safe space to talk about these issues and hear from other survivors. Both facilitators did an excellent job.”

Thank you so much. I benefited and learnt so much from the course and have taken away a lot of tools.”

This course was very well facilitated, providing an excellent balance of education/skills and time for discussion.  Over the time of the course I found that I grew in confidence to contribute to discussions and to begin to share some painful experiences regarding the impact of abuse on my life and that of people important in my life. I certainly never thought I would be able to manage being in a group environment talking about such sensitive issues, but the group was so well facilitated and bought together a wonderful group of strong women who were supportive and encouraging of each other and most importantly allowed each other a voice.  I’d like to hope other women get to benefit from such a wonderfully supportive group.  Often the issues discussed were very painful for all and at times I found this very difficult, but long term this has provided me with hope that my life and the future can improve.  Women were at very different stages in their journeys of healing and had both shared and very different experiences too; but the collective support and encouragement found in this group cannot be underestimated.  For me the group made me somehow feel less alone with the things that I struggle with in my head from the past.  I will hold the group experience in my heart and I hope that all will find some strength from the experience at difficult times in the future. Thank you for this opportunity.”

100% of participants said that the course fulfilled their expectations, and they benefitted from the group.

100% of the group felt a bit more hopeful, or much more hopeful about their life at the end of the course.

This group is run in partnership with Into the Light, a London based not-for-profit project founded in 1993 for people who have experienced sexual abuse and those that support them

The group of women have now gone on to form a monthly peer-support group.

The next Into the Light group in Brighton aims to run in Autumn 2013.

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