Upcoming ‘Into the Light’ Group for female survivors of sexual abuse

Into the Light 10 Week Group

A 10 week group for female survivors of sexual abuse will be starting in May in Brighton.

This 10-week course focuses on different aspects of the impact of sexual abuse on adult life. The group is topic based and information giving, but with plenty of time for sharing experiences. Topics covered include impacts on self-image and relationships, ways out of negative cycles of behaviour, ideas for moving forward to gain better relationships and new hope for the future.

Last year’s participants said the following about the group:

“Participating in the group has had a huge impact on my recovery- it has propelled me forwards. The structure and content of the course enabled me to focus and look at present day difficulties that stem from the abuse in a way I could not have done on my own…I am deeply grateful for both my experience and understanding gained from attending the course.”

“For anyone considering this course, I could not recommend it enough, even if you have other counselling or have tried other therapies, as there is something very special about how this course works. The only way I can describe how it has helped me is that I feel like it has given me the combination code to unlock the mess inside that I have been unable to understand. Thanks.”

This group is run as a partnership between Release Counselling, and Into the Light, a London-based survivors project founded in 1993.

The course is due to begin on Tuesday 19 May  in a venue in Hollingdean, Brighton, and will run  for 10 weeks. For more information, please get in touch.

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