Our pilot of the ‘Mummyshock’ 10-week group was a success!

Thanks to funding from Brighton & Hove City Council Mental Wellbeing Innovation Fund, we launched this new 10- week counselling group for new mums between February- May 2015 in Brighton.

Statistics show between 9-16% of women here in Brighton & Hove struggle with post-natal depression after having a baby. This group aimed to help the transition into motherhood for mums who may be struggling to cope, along with their infants.

The overall aims of Mummyshock were to:

–      Increase self-confidence

–      Reduce stress

–      Strengthen emotional connection to their baby and partner

Provide a supportive environment in the early transition to motherhood

Topics covered included: transition to motherhood; attachment and bonding; building support networks; tips for emotional health & well being.

The group lasted for 2 hours each week and 9 women, and 9 babies benefitted from the group. The first part of the group was facilitated by a qualified counsellor, and focused on emotional support as well as taking a psycho-educational approach to topics such as change in identity, bonding and attachment, and tips for emotional wellbeing. Following this section of the group, there was a refreshment break, designed to enable group members to further develop relationships and peer-support .

The final part of the group was facilitated by an artist, who worked with the group to enable them to create a ‘memory gift’ for their child. This included a hand-sewn item. The aim of the second part of the group was to use creative techniques to enable the women to relax, reduce stress and create an item which further enhances bonding to their infant.

–      This is what some of the women said about their experiences:

–      100% of participants said they had benefitted a lot from the group

–      100% of participants agreed the course had increased their confidence (11% Improved a bit, 33% Mostly improved, and 56% Improved a lot).

–      100% of participants agreed the course had increased their emotional stability- (11% Improved a bit, 11% Mostly improved, and 78% Improved a lot).

–      “ I can’t quite put into words how much Mummyshock has helped so much in my early journey of becoming a mummy. I wish Mummyshock was compulsory for all new mums!”

–      “It’s been such a lovely group to be part of- meeting brilliant people and feeling so supported, and having time to talk and discuss! Every mum should have this!”

–      “ I think this idea and concept of a group to support new mums should be standard for all mums.”

–      “Thank you so much for putting this group together- it has been a life-saver.”

–      “ I’ve loved the chilled music and environment, and I’ve honestly felt so nourished, accepted, valued, listened to and encouraged each week.”

–      “I’ve found it really helpful, and enjoyed developing friendships which I hope continue outside the course.”

–      “Simply having space to share our experiences and recognise that others feel something similar has built my confidence and peace.”

We hope to run another ‘Mummyshock’ group in 2016. Please get in touch for more details.



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