New funding for Release Groups!

Release Counselling is thrilled to have been awarded funding from Hollingdean Healthy Neighbourhoods Fund, as well as the Brighton & Hove Community Health Fund!

This new funding will enable us to run another 10-week ‘Into the Light’ Group for female survivors of sexual abuse. The group will run between May- July 2016 in Brighton.

This is what some recent participants have said about this course:

–       “I feel so privileged to have attended this course, with these facilitators. I can now get on with my life and feel the course was so thorough. I got to explore how my violent rape affected so many (maybe every) facet of my life. Every abuse sufferer should have this course offered to them. I have faced and dealt with all aspects of my trauma, thanks to the ‘Into the Light’ group.” 

–       “I just want to thank the facilitators for all their help. I feel I am now able to put boundaries in place, which I couldn’t do before. The course has helped me to face my issues and learn how to change the patterns that are unhealthy. This course has given me the hope and courage to move forwards and not let my abuse define me.”

Please get in touch for more information, or to book an Individual Assessment for the Group.

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