Mummy shock has a new website!

Thanks to the talented design team at Confederation Studio, we have a new website for Mummyshock.

Mummy shock is a 10 week therapeutic group for new mums and their babies.

Becoming a Mum for the first time brings big changes to life and has lots of challenges!  That is why Mummyshock aims to provide a supportive space for women to talk, as they begin their journey as new Mums, in a secure and friendly environment.

Our goal is to support new Mums to grow in confidence, as they care for their baby- enabling everyone to get the best start.

 The weekly group is topic based and information giving, but with plenty of time for discussion and sharing experiences.  Topics include birth stories, changes in identity, relationships, expectations, bodies, support networks and more.

There is space for up to 8 women and their pre-crawling infants in each group.

Previous group members have said:

“Simply having space to share my experience and recognise that others  feel something similar has built my confidence and peace as a new Mum.” (Mummyshock group member)

“It’s been such a lovely group to be part of- meeting brilliant people and feeling so supported, and having time to talk and discuss! Every new Mum should have this!”(Mummyshock group member)

 “ A relaxing, non-judgmental environment which helped me feel connected and not alone.”(Mummyshock group member)





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