Women’s Wellbeing Day at Plot 22

In July, we held our first Women’s Wellbeing Day, funded by Sport England at Plot 22 therapeutic garden in Hove.

The day included group discussions about wellbeing, art, exercise & gardening, macrame, cooking, and eating lunch together!

This is what the participants had to say about their experience of the day:

  • Happy, supported, nourished, connected.
  • Feel very lucky to have access to this! Supported therapeutic spaces are so needed.
  • Our 3 hosts worked incredibly hard to make the time we had very fulfilling, wholesome and relaxing. A huge amount of effort was made by them all. The lunch was so delicious- the fruit and veg being grown here are amazing! The activities were well thought out, appealing to everyone! Plot 22 ia a magical space! Nourishing, peaceful, harmonious and safe. Thank you so much for looking after us and filling up our teapots of energy back up!
  • Mental health and wellbeing ar eat the highest level it’s been for more than a year and a half. Brings so much benefit to your mind and body. Self-care makes you feel amazing. Thank you.
  • All so lovely and relaxed. Great location.Just wish we could’ve stayed longer.
  • Calm, happy, RELEASED!
  • Today has been like a big hug- full of understanding and love- calming, peaceful and non-judgmental, with no demands or expectations. My breathing has slowed down. Thank you.
  • I wanted to say big Thank you for today was the most relaxing one I’ve had in years !

Our next date is on 20 August! Get in touch if you would like to join us!


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